Teacher setting and resources


I plan on teaching at the primary level with several activities that have a variety of English ability.



grammar:fun activities


This website has a lot of resources such as online activities and exercises.
For example, When we learn about the Noun, this website explains this grammar and we can do practice, test and we print out grammar reference cards and flashcards, worksheet, test and game resources. Maybe students enjoy learning English.

grammar: explain the grammar

This website is for grade3-5.
Show  the rules of grammar, with these printable worksheets and lessons So I think that it’s easy to understand.



This website has many resources for primary teachers.
Students play games with these worksheets. There are many categories from easy to hard vocabulary.

vocabulary: theme words


This website has a lot of theme. You can use cards with pictures, matching cards.
Through the theme, students can easily memorize words and vocabulary.  Also your students enjoy games with whole punch cards or bingo.


phonics: flash card


This website has a lot of flash card. When you teach phonics to students, we teach them with alphabetical order. So, the group formed in alphabetical order is very helpful.



Students learn phonics with worksheet for phonemic awareness activities.
This website explain that sound is located is important and teachers ask what’s the beginning sound then middle sound and then final sound.
Also it has a handwriting worksheet.




online version

This website has  listening exercises. Teachers choice a story. After teachers hand out work sheet and then play the audio, students have to fill in the blank. It has both online version and print version.

listening: worksheets


This website has a lot of variable worksheets from songs to movies. Maybe movie worksheets are difficult to elementary school students. So if you teach them, you use song worksheets. And we can see the youtube address under the worksheet.



This website has many resources for primary and teachers.
Teachers explain with pdf or ppt and students practice with paper.


This website are made in the following age categories. After students read the article, they solve the comprehension work sheets. Each grade worksheet has 36 pages .

-educational games generator

games generator

First, you can use flash cards. This website gives teachers ppt which explains vocabulary with pictures. and you can choose large flash cards or small game cards or bingo cards or a handout. And if you play games with flash cards, later your students practice these words with puzzles, board games worksheets and so on. So your students practice several times with same words.


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